Creating online, mobile and desktop games since 1999

Stimunation was formed as a team of graphic artists, musicians, coders and game designers several years ago after we had made games
on our own and for clients for several years.
Initially it was something i lead in my spare time next to my education and then my actual work at a web agency.
We made games on our own and for clients for a good while and with time we built up some reputation and attracted more and more clients so that the worktime on Stimunation stuff started to surpass what i did at the agency.
Since i was always into games and was way more interested to work on games than on the websites, RIAs etc i did at the agency finally i gave it a try, quit the agency and turned Stimunation into my fulltime thing.
Luckily i did not go down and we actually made a bunch of things on our own and for even way more clients.
Some of the clients we made nice things for: